[Game Making Tutorial 1] How to Install Unity!

Let´s start this Unity Tutorial with the very first step to making your own Game! And that´s installing the Game Making Engine you´re going to be using. For this tutorial series we´ll learn Unity, a free to use, free to publish in Engine which will allow us to make games for PC, Smartphones, XboX, Wii, PS3/4 and other systems.

  1. Head on to link unity3d.com . Unity is an engine used both for 3D and 2D games. Go over there and check the website out.1 get to the website
  2. Click on the text that says Get Unity 5. This is the current, updated version of the software we will be using and it´s one of the biggest ones in the game making industry right now.
  3. On this new website, let´s scroll down a Little bit until we can find the qualities of the Free Vs the Pro version of Unity. We´re going to be downloading the Free Version, so click on that one.3 click free download
  4. One more website. Now we have to click on Download Installer. It´s a big button over here, you cannot miss it.4. click downloadinstaller
  5. Now, as every other file you´ve ever downloaded, place it anywhere you want. Probably on your Downloads folder or your Desktop.5 choose where to download
  6. After that´s done downloading (it´ll take a few seconds, minutes tops), you need to start the *.exe file you just downloaded. This just means double click it. Wait until you see the next window on your computer screen.
  7. When it starts, you can read what it says. I recommend you to get used to Reading EVERYTHING that comes up, because coding requires you to pay attention to detail. Any small mistakes can cost you an hour of headaches if you´re not paying enough attention. This tutorial and the comment section will always be here to help, of course. I´m gonna help everyone I can. Now, click next.7 next1
  8. Here we´ll see the Agreement between us (USERS) and the Unity owners (DEVELOPERS). You might think this is unnecesary, but who knows? Maybe after a while you will be needing one of this in your products! Hit I Agree here.8 I agree
  9. In this window, we have a selection to make. What do we need? Well, there´s the actual Unity Software, we need that. The other things are not that relevant, but I will recommend you do get them. There´s example games and some Assets (aka tools, graphics, sound) that will help you learn in some situations. Apply all choices and then click Next.9 select al lthings
  10. Here just leave the default on the upper side (Download to Temporary Folder). About the Installation Folder, I recommend you to change what says there to either “C:Unity” or “D:Unity” just to make your life easier. Trust me on this one. Click Install.10 install folder
  11. Now let´s wait for a bit while the Internet does its magic.11 download progress
  12. We now have Unity in our computers. Click Next and then Launch Unity!12 done
  13. We’re presented with a new hurdle to overcome, we must make an account. Click the Create One red text.13 acccount
  14. Fill in the blanks. Remember your password must have numbers, Uppercase and lowercase letters. I recommend something like “-785Hello”. Something you won’t forget, of course. 14 acccountcr
  15. Verify your email and now go to Unity and let them know of the information you just entered for your account.15 nterinfo
  16. Choose Personal Edition and now click Start Using Unity. We’ll set up our learning project!17start
  17. Click New Project, and in the next window choose any name. The location of your games should be “Root:UnityGames” for simplicity. C: or D: are both fine.18 create a project
  18. Now pick 2D and Create your Project!20 location
  19. All done! We’re now in Unity!21 unity
  20. One little extra thing. Head here: Visual Studio Community 2015 and download that tool, install it in your computer somewhere easy to find. Not your desktop. Maybe c:Program FilesVSC2015 or c:VSC2015 . We’ll need this tool for later.


That’s it! We have Unity in our computers. Keep tuned for our second tutorial. It’ll be about the User Interface (what you seee) in Unity and how to use it correctly and efficiently.


Thanks for reading. What do you think about this Tutorial? Was it helpful?


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