[Video][Game Making Tutorial 5] Camera Fun!



So! Hey everyone. We are on video 4 by now, you already have a functioning character, know how to place platforms and many other things. But we need better, more functional and interesting cameras. Here we go, what did we use in this video?


  • SmoothDamp slowly transforms a number to another, smoothing the process. It’s going to help towards not changing the camera’s position too suddenly to follow the player.


  • The Boundaries bool will constrict the camera to not go too far in one direction or another (or both). In this case, we’ll need 2 Vector 3s, one for minimum boundaries, one for maximum boundaries.


  • We then Clamp the camera’s position to these Boundaries.


  • The minimap is just another camera showing what’s happening in the game, just in another place (a small side of the screen, usually). The one we’re setting will need to be set to Don’t Clear, as our Main Camera will have to be. You need to turn off the other components of the camera too, since there can’t be more than one Audio Listener in a scene and we don’t need any other of the rest. The initial settings I’m using here are around:


  • X = 0.56
  • W = 0.4
  • Y = 0.66
  • H = 0.3
Background Image for Tutorial

Background Image for Tutorial

  • The Background Camera has to be set to a lower depth than the main camera (so it’s visible), to not clear anything (this means it won’t add anything on the back, no Skybox or anything. It will see what’s there and that’s all, even if there’s nothing), to not see the UI Layer, and it has to be unreachable to the player (move it somewhere quite far). This is a very rudimentary and simple background camera that’ll show a static image throughout the level, but it’s very effective as a time saver and a low skill/good return tool. Turn off its components and place the Background image on it and you’re set. Your image is visible throughout the whole level!


Short and interesting tutorial, if you come up with any better ideas for this let me know! And of course share your requests, I’ll help with whatever anyone wants to see.


Thanks for watching and reading.



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