[Video][Game Making Tutorial 8] Pause Menu Scene.


So I got a request on how to make a Pause Menu that is a Scene by itself, instead of a Canvas drawn on the regular Scene. This video covers that exactly! With a special tool we have in Unity, which is called Load Level Additive.


What Application.LoadLevelAdditive(int level index) does is it calls all the Game Objects from another Scene and adds them to the current one. So, what you need to do here is change the Pause Script we had written in the latest video, set the Timescale to 0, that’s okay, but then instead of opening our Pause Menu, it will Load the other Scene additively. It’s going to overlay it if you set it to overlay (which of course depends on the objective of your added scene objects).


After you used your new Scene, how to unload it? Well, that’s simpler than it could seem. In the Scene you’re adding, every Game Object should be UNDER a Game Object of that scene’s name. In our example, we’re making a Pause Scene, so I call the GameObject PauseScene. After the Player is done with those GameObjects (aka he hits the Esc key in our example), we must destroy them all.


Using this method, the design of the Pause Menu is actually more effective, and you’re still keeping the location of everything the player was doing intact.


Any questions or suggestions, hit me up.


Thanks for reading!


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